Wooden Quilt Hanger Set

Wooden Quilt Hanger Set
Price: $16.99

Detailed Description

Wooden Quilt Hangers to showcase your quilts fast and easy. Simply insert quilt upward in slot, past the marble set inside the wood slot of the hanger - it is held in place with tension and no damage to quilt. Stain or paint quilt hangers to match your room. Includes 2 per set.

Number of quilt hangers depends on weight and the size of your quilt:

1'-3' wide quilt = 2 hangers (1 set)
3'-5' wide quilt = 3 to 4 hangers (2 sets)
5'-7' wide quilt = 4 hangers (2 sets)
7'-10' wide quilt = 5 to 6 hangers (3 sets)

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