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ePatterns at Everything Quilts : How to order and download to your computer plus helpful tips


You will need to place an order for all ePatterns.

Once the order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation with the download items linked &  underlined  after the word "Download:"  by the product name. This link will take you to the special download page where you will click on "Download Now" link for each file in that ePattern. To order, please visit our website at


Step-by-Step Instructions

Submit your order for all ePatterns and any merchandise or other patterns you may wish to order.


  1. One your order is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation almost immediately – if you do not see this, then check your junk folder.
  1. Click on the item # for each pattern in your order confirmation email – you will see that is underlined/hyperlinked
  2. This will open a webpage that will allow you to click on the “Download Now” button listed for each of the ePatterns you selected.


For each pattern, you will need to start by clicking on the order confirmation email– it does go quickly and you can safely download several patterns in just minutes. If you have registered your account with us, you will be able to login at a future date and download the free patterns again if you misplace it. If you did not register your account, just click to reply with your order confirmation email and we would be happy to register your information and send you a link to set up your password.


Please note that depending on your computer settings, or which browser you are using, the file may or may not "automatically open or pop-up" on your computer. If you do not see it open, then you can manually get the file as it is was stored in your computer's "temporary download files" or in the download folder in my documents  when you clicked on it. You could copy it from there.  You may also click on your computer icon on your desktop, and you should see the download folder (on our computer it is under "favorites").


Why do you have to enter your name, address, etc in order to get the free pattern?

ur free patterns are offered to you via our secure server and you will not need to provide payment information. You may checkout as a guest instead of creating an account. If you are only ordering free patterns you can checkout as a Guest, and put in your nickname or initials along with a  generic address (such as 123 quilting lane) -- but be sure your email address, city, state, zip, and country are accurate as our system will verify this information. Please note that using generic info is only for Guest Checkout and only on zero dollar orders.  We do however recommend that you provide your correct info as we do not share or sell any of your information. Creating your account allows you to save a wish list, look at past orders including ePattern downloads and more. The choice is yours.


Get More FREE Patterns

Be sure to click on the blue tab at the top of the page for “Free Patterns” for more great patterns! You may add any number of free patterns within an order.


Our website and secure checkout features up to date security features.

If your browser (for example safari or explorer) is not yet up to date, it may not be able to display the secure checkout pages until it gets updated. If this is your situation, try using Chrome as your browser or another computer as it may be due to settings on your computer blocking it.  If you continue to have trouble, please  try using a different browser, such as chrome.


If you are getting a pop-up message that says "You are not allowed to purchase more than 1", then this ePattern is already in your shopping cart and you have not completed the order process. Click the check out button on the right side, or click the view cart blue tab on top.


You need to be able to open a .pdf file format. If you are unable to open the file or save this .pdf file to your computer, you may need to download the free Acrobat Reader at


If you notice that it says you have “0” downloads left, then you will need to place another order for the free pattern as we cannot reset it. However, if this is pattern that you have PAID FOR then please contact us so we can assist you further. You may also place another order for the pattern and then follow the above directions.


The ePatterns have been tested to download and print on standard 8-1/2" x 11" computer paper. If you are having trouble with this, please check your computer and printer settings, and be sure that it is set to print at 100% and NOT "no scaling" or "shrink to fit" or try on another printer.


Please let us know if you need further assistance and have a great day!

If you need further assistance, please click on the blue tab above to "Contact Us"

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